Machining Oilite Bronze

 The machining of Oilite bronze should not cause any issues as long as a few basic principals are followed.

- The sliding surface of a bearing should only be machined when absolutely necessary. Any machining will affect        the surface porosity and could affect performance. 

-  The bearing surface should never be ground as grinding will smear pores closed.

-  Tooling should be kept as sharp as possible 

 For final turning diamond or carbide tips, quality ISO K 20, with tips radius 0.2mm max are recommended. 

 Recommended cutting speeds: 100-200m/min

Turning rake angle: 5o

Turning relief angle: 5o

   - After any machining parts must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris. Any debris left on the bearing               surface could have a major impact on bearing life.

   - Bearings will normally lose some oil when they are machined. To replace lost oil, immerse the bearing in SAE 30 Oil and heat to 80oC  (176oF) and allow to cool while submerged.

   - To check bearing pores are still open after machining place bearings on an electrical hot plate and check that       the oil oozes out.