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AL152125 Flanged Metric Oilite Bearing

AL152125 Flanged Metric Oilite Bearing
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Model:  AL152125
Brand:  Oilite
Metric / Imperial:  Metric (mm)
Internal Diameter:  15mm
Outside Diameter:  21mm
Length:  25mm
Flange Outside Diameter:  27mm
Flange Thickness:  3mm
ID tolerance:  Min: 15.006mm Max: 15.024mm (G7)
OD tolerance:  Min: 21.035mm Max: 21.056mm (s7)
Length tolerance:  Min: 24.835mm Max: 25.165mm (js13)
Flange OD tolerance:  Min: 26.835mm Max: 27.165mm (js13)
Flange thickness tolerance:  Min: 2.93mm Max: 3.07mm (js13)
Recommended shaft tolerance:  Min: 14.966mm Max: 14.984mm (f7)
Recommended housing tolerance:  Min: 21mm Max: 21.021mm (H7)
ID when fitted:  Min: 15mm Max: 15.018mm (H7)
Recommended fitting pin tolerance:  Min: 15.007mm Max: 15.015mm (m5)

Alternative or equivalent part numbers: AL1521-25, AMF152125, QFM15-25, FCM15x25, 15/21x25-27x3

Standard Oilite(tm) Material is made from Oil impregnated sintered bronze.

The chemical composition for standard Oilite material is within the following:

Copper: Balance

Iron: 1% Max

Carbon: 3% Max

Tin: 9-11%

Max. Other Elements. 2%

Open Porosity Minimum: 20-27%

Minimum Oil Content: 18-24%

Minimum Radial Crushing Strength K: 120-180 N/mm2

Nominal Density: 6-7g/cc

Maximum static load: 35-65 N/mm2

Maximum dynamic load: 10-18 N/mm2

Maximum velocity: 5-6 m/s

Maximum PV factor*: 1.8

*PV factor = Pressure (N/mm2) x bearing surface velocity (m/s).

Pressure is calculated as load (N) / Projected area (internal diameter x Length) (mm)


There are several more specific specs for specific parts which fall within the above specification. please

contact us for more details if required.



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